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The Ohio Politics Almanac

Second Edition

Political Science & Politics

DescriptionOriginally published in 1996, The Ohio Politics Almanac was highly acclaimed as the first one-source reference for contemporary and historical information about Ohio government. It traces Ohio’s political development and the political parties, describes the evolution of the state’s political demographics, and profiles the cities and counties of Ohio. This revised and updated edition has short biographies of the eight presidents from Ohio and the governors—from Edward Tiffin to Robert Taft—and also contains appendixes that include an Ohio politics timeline, listings of major officeholders, and campaign expenditures for state executive offices.

AuthorMichael F. Curtin, author of the first two editions of the Ohio Politics Almanac, spent 38 years with The Columbus Dispatch, rising from reporter to associate publisher, vice president, and chief operating officer. He retired in 2007 and in 2012 was elected to the first of two terms in the Ohio House.

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