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Classic Sports

Jonathan Knight, Editor
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The Classic Sports series celebrates the intriguing histories of beloved sports teams, evoking and enriching the memories of longtime fans. Providing a patchwork narrative of the evolutions of cherished franchises and the essential characters and moments that define them, Classic Sports colorfully illustrates that these ongoing sagas played out on fields and inside arenas across the country deserve reflection and appreciation.

Classic Bucs

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Until the surprising 2012 campaign, a generation of Steel City baseball fans had hungered for the Pirates to be involved in an actual pennant race, a goal that even the most diehard could not have imagined. There was a time that it wasn’t a far-off dream, but instead an annual right. From 1970 through 1979, Pittsburgh won six eastern division crowns and two national championships. While impressive, the 1970s were only the second-best decade in franchise history. Classic Bucs looks back to the beginning of the twentieth century, the indisputable best decade of the Pittsburgh Pirates, when a young and brash team captured four senior circuit titles and their initial World Series in 1909.