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Archeology & Anthropology

Archaic Transitions in Ohio and Kentucky Prehistory

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Prufer Book Cover

Notwithstanding the archaeological record amassed over nearly a century, little is understood abut the dynamics that led from the Stone Age to a semblance of formative civilization. This volume attempts to fill this gap in terms of archaeology, biological anthropology, demography, pathology, and paleo-ethnographic interpretation and has vast implications as far as archaic transition throughout eastern North America is concerned.


Krill Cave

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In sharp contrast with the southern and southeastern uplands of Ohio, rockshelters are rare in the northern parts of the state. Only at Krill Cave has it been possible to reconstruct a temporal sequence from the Archaic through Late Woodland times on the basis of quantitatively appreciable data. The results of these excavations (carried out in the summers of 1974 and 1975) can best be discussed in terms of what the three major occupations have in common. The share commonalities are probably due to the environmental/ecological setting in which the occupations occurred.


Polynesian Seafaring and Navigation

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Feinburg Book Cover

This richly illustrated book explores the theory and technique used by Anutans in construction, use, and handling of their craft; the navigational skills still employed in interisland voyaging; and their culturally patterned attitudes toward the ocean and travel on the high seas. Further, the discussion is set within the context of social relations, values, and the Anutan’s own symbolic definitions of the world in which they live.


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