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The Passing of Starr Faithfull

True Crime


“I much enjoyed reading about poor Starr.  Totally fascinating.  And tantalizing.  A super read.”

—Colin Dexter, Creator of “Inspector Morse”

In this true crime reprint, Jonathan Goodman focuses his masterful detective skills on a criminal case that has inspired John O’Hara’s Butterfield 8, which became a major feature film.  His account of the international scandal and media brouhaha surround “this mystery with the wonderful name”—the inexplicable death of young and beautiful Starr Faithfull in 1931—provides an authentic tale of the Jazz Age.

AuthorThe late Jonathan Goodman was one of Britain’s foremost true crime historians. His books include Murder in High Places, The Killing of Julia Wallace, Bloody Versicles: The Rhymes of Crime (Kent State University Press, 1993), and Tracks to Murder (Kent State University Press, 2005).