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2013 KSU Press Catalog receives graphic excellence award

Oct 22nd, 2013

The 2013 Kent State University Press catalog has won the 2nd place Award of Excellence in the Great Lakes Graphics Association’s Graphic Excellence Competition. The catalog was designed by KSU Press staff member Darryl Crosby and produced by Ripon Printers of Wisconsin. About the award, Darryl said,

“It’s always good to be recognized, though the production of our yearly catalog is a team effort that the whole office participates in. The best thing about an award like this is the visibility it gives to the University Press as a whole and to Kent State University. The effort and quality we put into our catalog is indicative of the care and attention to detail we put into all of our publications, not just visually but editorially as well. Hopefully potential customers will see that and think of us when considering their next book purchases.”

Congratulations to Darryl and Ripon Printers.

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