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What We do

The mission of The Kent State University Press is to advance knowledge through publishing (though we sometimes hope to entertain as well). We carry out this mission by publishing groundbreaking scholarship and significant books of general interest, distributing them throughout the world in both print and electronic editions.

Our professional staff currently includes:

Clara Totten, Interim Director and Acquisitions Editor, is responsible for overall Press operations and oversight of the publishing program. She also works with prospective and current authors to sign and develop book projects, from early-stage proposals to full manuscripts.

Mary Young, Managing Editor, works closely with manuscripts throughout the editorial production process, during which she is the authors’ primary liaison with the Press.

Christine Brooks, Design and Production Manager, crafts finished manuscripts into attractive, long-lasting books in both print and electronic editions.

Darryl Crosby, Marketing Associate and Designer, creates advertising and promotional materials for print, web, and social media, also maintaining the Press website.

Kat Saunders, Associate Editor, provides support for both manuscript editorial functions and acquisitions activities.

Elizabeth Rabenstein, Business Manager, coordinates business functions, including royalty payments, purchasing, and vendor payments.

Derek Krissoff, Editor-at-Large, works with prospective authors to sign and develop book projects of regional interest.