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The Lion in the Waste Land author Janice Brown featured on

Nov 14th, 2018

Lion in the Wasteland by Janice Brown. Kent State University Press.Press author Janice Brown is interviewed about her recent book, The Lion in the Waste Land: Fearsome Redemption in the Work of C. S. Lewis, Dorothy L. Sayers, and T. S. Eliot at

“My book is not so much about Lewis as about the way his most important ideas concur with those of two other luminous writers of the mid-twentieth century. My intention is not to highlight the literary achievement of Lewis, Sayers, and Eliot; but to highlight the spiritual truths they depicted so powerfully, especially truths about the nature of Christ. These three writers shone the light of the Gospel on the darkness of the modern world. My book, by setting their works side by side and zeroing in on their key themes, increases the impact of what Lewis, Sayers, and Eliot had to say.”
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