Shopping cart interviews Bill and Barbara Schloman, authors of A History of Flight at Paton Field

Oct 9th, 2019

A Century of Flight at Paton Field by Schloman & Schloman. Kent State University Press.Check out this informative interview regarding one of our latest books, A Century of Flight at Paton Field: The Story of Kent State University’s Airport and Flight Education by William D. Schloman and Barbara F. Schloman, with a foreword by William Andrew Paton.

“‘It’s easy to dismiss something when you don’t know what it is. So much happened here and it isn’t what you experienced yesterday, but all the other events that occurred here. Now it has a legacy and we have to be the caretaker of that legacy,’ said Bill Schloman, a 1998 graduate of the Kent State University flight program who grew up under the traffic pattern of Paton Field in Stow.”

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