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Audio: Pity, Power, and Tolkien’s Ring author Thomas P. Hillman joins The Prancing Pony Podcast

Jul 26th, 2023

Pity, Poser and Tolkien's Ring cover imageThomas P. Hillman joins The Prancing Pony Podcast to speak on his upcoming book Pity, Power, and Tolkien’s Ring: To Rule the Fate of Many.

“Some of Aragorn’s followers are told how they might “keep what honor you may”; The Nerd of the Rings returns to the Common Room to keep what honor HE may. Join Matt and Alan as Aragorn heads out to knock on the door of the scariest house on the block as we begin The Black Gate Opens. Merry stays behind to heal as Pippin goes with Beregond to follow Aragorn to almost-certain doom; the army wisely avoids Minas Morgul; and Aragorn’s mercy rules the fate of many. Finally, The Lord of the Mark returns as we visit with Tom Hillman about his new book, and Alan confuses guerrillas with gorillas. Maybe.”—The Prancing Pony Podcast

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