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Author Dana Cooper interviewed for Smithsonian documentary

Dec 16th, 2014 | Filed as: News

Dana Cooper, author of the new KSU Press book Informal Ambassadors, has been interviewed by a Scottish production company for a documentary titled Million Dollar American Princesses that will air on the Smithsonian channel in January (3-part series, airs January 4, 11, and 18).
Here’s a…

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An Ode to the Borowitz Collection

Dec 11th, 2014 | Filed as: News

Writer Ann Marie Ackermann has reposted crime historian Laura James’s paean on the Albert and Helen Borowitz True Crime Collection at Kent State University.
Featured are Al Borowitz’s Blood and Ink and Terrorism for Self Glorification, both published by The Kent State University Press.


Author Lee Leonard interviewed on Ideastream

Dec 2nd, 2014 | Filed as: News

Click here to watch an ideastream interview with Lee Leonard, coauthor of the new biography, James A. Rhodes: Ohio Colossus.


May 4th Voices wins Oral History Association Award

Nov 19th, 2014 | Filed as: News

May 4th Voices: Kent State, 1970 is the recipient of the 2014 Oral History Association Oral History in a Nonprint Format Award. This honor recognizes a film, video, performance piece, radio program or series, exhibition, or drama that makes significant and outstanding use of oral history…

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Variety features Tom Batiuk and Funky Winkerbean

Nov 19th, 2014 | Filed as: News

The Funnies Page’s Unlikeliest Savior: ‘Funky Winkerbean’


CNN panel discussion features Pacific Time on Target editor Jack McCall

Nov 17th, 2014 | Filed as: News

James Scott, author of The War Below: The Story of Three Submarines that Battled Japan, and Jack McCall, editor of Pacific Time on Target: Memoirs of a Marine Artillery Officer, 1943-1945, talked about the Pacific Theater in World War II.
“The Pacific Theater on Land and Sea: Submarines…

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René Villarreal, 1929–2014

Oct 6th, 2014 | Filed as: News

René Villarreal, who spent his youth in Cuba as Ernest Hemingway’s majordomo, passed away on Sunday, October 5, 2014. He was 85. With his son Raul, René Villarreal was the author of Hemingway’s Cuban Son, the account of his time with Hemingway.


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