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May 4, 2020 events cancelled. Virtual commemoration to be announced

Mar 26th, 2020 | Filed as: News

In accordance with the order of Amy Acton, M.D., director of Ohio Department of Health, to stay at home to slow the spread of COVID-19, and in the interest of the health and safety of the community, Kent State regretfully announces cancellation of the May 4 50th Commemoration Weekend events, scheduled to take place May [...]


2020 Hubbell Prize awarded to William McGovern

Mar 18th, 2020 | Filed as: CWH Journal, Hubbell Prize, News

Zachery A. Fry has won the John T. Hubbell Prize for the best article published in Civil War History during 2018.  His study, “McClellan’s Epidemic:  Disease and Discord at Harrison’s Landing, July-August 1862,” appeared in the March 2018 issue of Civil War History.  The prize recipient was selected by the journal’s editorial advisory board.  The prize earns the recipient a $1,000 award from The Kent State University Press.


Bulletin of the History of Medicine reviews Diploma Mill by David Alan Johnson

Mar 9th, 2020 | Filed as: News

Toby A. Appel reviews Diploma Mill: The Rise and Fall of Dr. John Buchanan and the Eclectic Medical College of Pennsylvania for the Bulletin of the History of Medicine.
“Buchanan ran a large business, selling diplomas to individuals with or without any formal medical training in the United States and Europe. Buchanan’s two schools were not the [...]


The Collinwood Tragedy author James Badal interviewed on WKYC-TV

Mar 4th, 2020 | Filed as: News

112 years ago today the city of Collinwood, OH. suffered from a terrible event. Find out more in this interview with James Jessen Badal, the author of The Collinwood Tragedy: The Story of the Worst School Fire in American History. From the broadcast by WKYC-TV.


We have a winner!
Resurrection of the Wild wins 2020 PEN/Diamonstein-Spielvogel Award for the Art of the Essay

Mar 3rd, 2020 | Filed as: News
Resurrection of the Wild by Deborah Fleming. Kent State University Press

In a field of writers eloquent about the pathologies of selfhood and modern life, Deborah Fleming’s Resurrection of the Wild stood apart.


Kevin Caprice reviews War, Memory, and the 1913 Gettysburg Reunion for H-CivWar

Mar 2nd, 2020 | Filed as: News

Don’t miss this excellent review of War, Memory, and the 1913 Gettysburg Reunion by Thomas R. Flagel. Reviewed by Keven Caprice for H-CivWar.
“With this work, Flagel has added a new level of insight to the field of Civil War memory, and his microhistorical approach to the personal nature of memory is a welcome addition. His focus on [...]


The Millions interviews Resurrection of the Wild author and PEN award finalist Deborah Fleming.

Mar 2nd, 2020 | Filed as: News

The award show is tonight but this book’s a winner no matter what the outcome.
The Millions interviews Resurrection of the Wild: Meditations on Ohio’s Natural Landscape author and PEN award finalist Deborah Fleming.
“I feel that, more than ever, we need to do what we can to preserve wildlife, from insects to megafauna. Each one has its place [...]


AUDIO: Books of Titans podcast looks at Bandersnatch by Diana Pavlac Glyer

Feb 25th, 2020 | Filed as: News

Bandersnatch: C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien and the Creative Collaboration of the Inklings is reviewed on the Books of Titans podcast.

“There is great romance in the idea of this group of friends meeting and discussing their work. The camaraderie and creative impetus of the Inklings must have been one of the greatest experiences [...]


Crime Reads defines “femme fatale” in excerpt from Laura James The Beauty Defense

Feb 25th, 2020 | Filed as: News

Ever wonder what makes a femme fatale? Find that out and more in Crime Reads’ extended excerpt from The Beauty Defense: Femmes Fatales on Trial by Laura James.
“Classical literature is filled with infectious damsels and dead heroes. ‘The betrayal of a king or hero by his mistress is, in short, a story both old and popular,’ [...]


H-Net reviews Paul Taylor’s The Most Complete Political Machine Ever Known

Feb 20th, 2020 | Filed as: News

Cecily Zander reviews Paul Taylor’s “The Most Complete Political Machine Ever Known”: The North’s Union Leagues in the American Civil War on
“Joining the growing tide of literature concerned with understanding nationalism in the Civil War-era North, Paul Taylor’s The Most Complete Political Machine Ever Known: The North’s Union Leagues in the American Civil War offers a detailed analysis [...]


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