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New book series–Interpreting the Civil War: Texts and Contexts

Nov 12th, 2019

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The series welcomes studies detailing America’s long Civil War era,
from the rise of antebellum sectional tensions through Reconstruction. 

The series includes titles detailing the long Civil War era from the rise of sectional tensions in the antebellum period through Reconstruction. We welcome books from single authors or from editors of compilations that bring new social, political, economic, or cultural perspectives to our understanding of sectional tensions, the war years, Reconstruction, and memory. Studies may reflect a broad, national perspective; the vantage point of local history; or the direct experiences of individuals through annotated primary source collections.

Send book inquiries to Susan Wadsworth-Booth

Aaron Astor

Maryville College

Joseph M. Beilein Jr.
Pennsylvania State University

Douglas R. Egerton
Le Moyne College

J. Matthew Gallman
University of Florida

Hilary N. Green
University of Alabama

Brian Craig Miller
Mission College

Jennifer M. Murray
Oklahoma State University

Jonathan W. White
Christopher Newport University

Timothy Williams
University of Oregon

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