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Civil War History Journal Preview

December 2018, Volume 64, No. 4

Sep 6th, 2018 | Filed as: CWH Journal, CWH Preview

Buchanan’s Mormon Judge: Delana Eckels and the Democratic Party in the Utah War
by Nicole Etcheson

Famous for their platform’s ringing denunciation of polygamy as one of the “twin relics of barbarism,” the Republican party took a strong stand against Mormonism…

Rehearsing for the Great Debate of 1850:  The Controversy over Seating Father Theobald Mathew on the Floor of the Senate
by Stephen E. Maizlish

In December of 1849, as the debate in Congress over the Compromise of 1850 was about to begin, the Senate confronted the seemingly innocent question of granting Irish temperance reformer Father Theobald Mathew the honor of sitting on the floor of the Senate…

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