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Civil War History Journal Preview

March 2019, Volume 65, No. 1

Nov 30th, 2018 | Filed as: CWH Journal, CWH Preview

“They Cannot Expect …That a Loyal People Will Tolerate the Utterance of Such Sentiments”:  The Campaign against Treasonous Speech during the Civil War
by Julie Roy Jeffrey

This essay explores northern attempts to stamp out “treasonous” speech during the Civil War.  The voluminous case files of Levi C. Turner, Associate Judge Advocate for the Army, and Lafayette C. Baker, special Provost Marshal, two officials at the heart of the effort to suppress subversion, supplemented by newspaper accounts, provide detailed evidence of the workings of the federal program to quell dissent outside the usual procedures of civil law…

Confederate Imaginations with the Federals in the Postwar Order
by Adrian Brettle

Scholarship on the attempts by Confederate government officials to negotiate with the United States during the last year of the war tends to fall into two categories. Some historians chart the increasingly desperate attempts to modify the terms of inevitable reunion and emancipation…

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