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Civil War History Journal Archive

June 2021, Volume 67, No. 2

Mar 2nd, 2021 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Elusive Victory:  The Union Navy’s War along the Western Waters
by Robert Gudmestad

Cannibals, Gorillas, and the Struggle over Radical Reconstruction
by Daniel P. Kilbride

March 2021, Volume 67, No. 1

Nov 10th, 2020 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Charleston, City of Mourners:  Anticipations of Civil War in the Cradle of Secession
by Michael E. Woods

Local Knowledge:  Black Texans, the Freedmen’s Bureau, and Military Occupation in Reconstruction Texas
by Edward Valentin Jr.

December 2020, Volume 66, No. 4

Sep 8th, 2020 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Mississippi “Milish”:  Militiamen in the Civil War
by Tracy L. Barnett

Locating Patriotism in Civil War Songs
by James A. Davis

September 2020, Volume 66, No. 3

May 14th, 2020 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

The Emergence of Conservatism as a Political Concept in the United States before the Civil War
by Adam I.P. Smith

In an Evil Hour This Pandora’s Box of Slavery was Again Opened”: Emotional Partisan Divisions in the Late Antebellum Conservative North
by Matthew Mason

Stephen Douglas’s Enlightenment: Democracy, Race, and Rights in Civil War-Era Political Thought 
by Joshua A. Lynn

The Wisest Counsel of Conservatism”: Northern Democrats and the Politics of the Center, 1865-1868 
by Erik B. Alexander

June 2020, Volume 66, No. 2

Mar 17th, 2020 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Civil War Soldiers and Dreams of War
By Dillon J. Carroll

A Region Which Will at the Same Time Delight and Disgust You”: Landscape Transformation and Changing Environmental Relationships in Civil War Washington, DC
By Nathan A. Marzoli

State of the Field Series

Roundtable: “Studying the Civil War from Abroad: Historiography’s Global and National Contexts”

March 2020, Volume 66, No. 1

Dec 11th, 2019 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

A Crucial Leavening of Expertise:  Engineer Soldiers and the Transmission of Military Proficiency in the American Civil War
By Mark A. Smith

“Victory’s Long Review”: The Grand Review of Union Armies and the Meaning of the Civil War
By Cecily N. Zander   

December 2019, Volume 65, No. 4

Aug 13th, 2019 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

The Politics of Continuity and Change in the Long Civil War Era
Rachel A. Shelden

City of Refuge:  Child Refugees and Soldiers’ Orphans in Civil War St. Louis
William McGovern    

The New Civil War Revisionism, Twenty Years Later:  A Roundtable in Honor of Edward L. Ayers
with: Daniel W. Crofts, Tamika Nunley, Christopher Phillips, Matthew E. Stanley, Gregory P Downs and Edward L. Ayers

September 2019, Volume 65, No. 3

Jun 4th, 2019 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

The Internet and Civil War Studies
by Earl J. Hess

“The Last and Most Precious Memento”:  Photographic Portraiture and the Union Citizen-Soldier
by James Andrew Brookes

The History of the Tangier Difficulty:  The American Civil War in Morocco
by Graham H. Cornwell

June 2019, Volume 65, No. 2

Mar 19th, 2019 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Slavery, Capitalism, and the Interpretations of the Antebellum United States:  The Problem of Definition
by James L. Huston

“A General Concurrence in the Propriety of the Repeal”:  Male Friendship, Party, and Section in the Kansas-Nebraska Bill
by Thomas J. Balcerski

March 2019, Volume 65, No. 1

Nov 30th, 2018 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

“They Cannot Expect …That a Loyal People Will Tolerate the Utterance of Such Sentiments”:  The Campaign against Treasonous Speech during the Civil War
by Julie Roy Jeffrey

This essay explores northern attempts to stamp out “treasonous” speech during the Civil War.  The voluminous case files of Levi C. Turner, Associate Judge Advocate for the Army, and Lafayette C. Baker, special Provost Marshal, two officials at the heart of the effort to suppress subversion, supplemented by newspaper accounts, provide detailed evidence of the workings of the federal program to quell dissent outside the usual procedures of civil law…

Confederate Imaginations with the Federals in the Postwar Order
by Adrian Brettle

Scholarship on the attempts by Confederate government officials to negotiate with the United States during the last year of the war tends to fall into two categories. Some historians chart the increasingly desperate attempts to modify the terms of inevitable reunion and emancipation…

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