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Civil War History Journal Archive

March 2024, Volume 70, No. 1

Jan 26th, 2024 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

The Refugee Crisis of Sherman’s March: Savannah, Port Royal, and the Transformation of the Sea Islands
By Bennett Parten

“Driven Out on the Old Charge of Being a Rebel”: White-on-White Sectional Violence and the “Long” Bleeding Kansas
By Brent M. S. Campney

“Does the Civil War Matter?”: A Roundtable Discussion 
Moderator: Jim Downs; Participants: Yoni Appelbaum, Drew Gilpin Faust, Kerri K. Greenidge, Stephanie McCurry, Megan Kate Nelson, and Adam I. P. Smith

December 2023, Volume 69, No. 4

Oct 9th, 2023 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

The “First” Emancipation Proclamation: Black Rebellion, Removal, and Freedom during the Seminole Wars
By Kristen T. Oertel

“Portraits Torn to Shreds”: Iconoclasm and the Destruction of Confederate Memory
By Matthew Fox-Amato

Novels as Archive: A Roundtable on Frances E. W. Harper’s 1892 Novel, Iola Leroy, about the Civil War and Reconstruction
Editor and Moderator: Jim Downs; Participants: Rhae Lynn Barnes, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Rashauna Johnson, and John Stauffer, with Faith Smith and Nii Ayikwei Parkes

September 2023, Volume 69, No. 3

Jul 7th, 2023 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Fighting for State Citizenship in the US Colored Troops
By Cooper Wingert

The Right to Childhood and the Process of Emancipation in the American Civil War
By Ben Davidson

June 2023, Volume 69, No. 2

Jun 21st, 2023 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Moral Bushwhacking and Political Quantrellism: Thomas Ewing Jr. and the Clamor of Guerrilla Politics
By Jeremy Neely

The Causes of the American Civil War: Recent Interpretations and New Directions (1974 Reprint)
By Eric Foner

Forum on Eric Foner’s “The Causes of the American Civil War: Recent Interpretations and New Directions”
with comments by Aaron Astor, Judith Giesberg, Kellie Carter Jackson, Martha S. Jones, Brian Matthew Jordan, James Oakes, Jason Phillips, Angela M. Riotto, Anne Sarah Rubin, and Manisha Sinha

March 2023, Volume 69, No. 1

Jan 19th, 2023 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Marketing The Dead of Antietam: Photographs of Death as a Cultural Commodity
By A. Maggie Hazzard

Taking Profits, Making Myths: The Slave Trading Career of Nathan Bedford Forrest
By Timothy Huebner

“A Dead Cock in the Pit”: Masculine Rivalry, Manhood, and Honor in the Civil War South
By Patrick Doyle

December 2022, Volume 68, No. 4

Dec 19th, 2022 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Conservative to the Last Degree: The Emerging Illinois Republican Party and the Election of 1856
By Ian Iverson

“We Are Now at Gettysburg”: Gender and Place in the Iowa Woman’s Relief Corps’ Monument to Jennie WadeBy
Lindsey R. Peterson

Roundtable Discussion on Deborah Willis’s The Black Soldier: The Visual History of Conflict and Citizenship
moderated by Jim Downs, with participants David W. Blight, Cheryl Finley, Matthew Fox-Amato, Sarah Elizabeth Lewis, Nell Painter, Ann M. Shumard, and Deborah Willis

September 2022, Volume 68, No. 3

Jul 28th, 2022 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Prisoners with Undaunted Patriotism: Incarcerated Black Soldiers and Battles of Citizenship in Military Prisons during the Civil War
By Jonathan Lande

“Silent but Powerful Preachers”: Southern Religious Pamphlet Literature during the Civil War
By Josh Waddell

The Sexuality of Civil War Historiography: How Two Versions of Homosexuality Make Meaning of the War
By Andrew Donnelly

June 2022, Volume 68, No. 2

Mar 9th, 2022 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

“We Need a Press—a Press of Our Own”: The Black Press beyond Abolition
by Jim Casey

The Collective Making of Frederick Douglass’ Paper
by Benjamin Fagan

Humor, Minstrelsy, and the Representation of African Americans in Macon’s Georgia Telegraph and Georgia Citizen, 1855–1860
by Rosalyn Narayan

“The Gold of the Pen and the Steel of the Sword”: The Unlikely and Fleeting Celebrity of Theodore Winthrop
by Timothy J. Williams

Juno’s Civil War: Black Knowledge and Racial Resolution in Julia Collins’s The Curse of Caste
by Brigitte Fielder

Reading the Emancipation Proclamation: Viewing Race and Freedom during the Civil War Era
by Aston Gonzalez

March 2022, Volume 68, No. 1

Mar 7th, 2022 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Thavolia Glymph Roundtable
Moderated by Tamika Nunley, with participants Catherine Clinton, Crystal Feimster, Marisa Fuentes, Gary Gallagher, and Steven Hahn

Inventing White Supremacy: Race, Print Culture, and the Civil War Draft Riots
By Jonathan Daniel Wells

A Stumping Sucker: Reception of Abraham Lincoln in Massachusetts, September 11–13, 1848
By David Demaree

December 2021, Volume 67, No. 4

Sep 14th, 2021 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

“I Love Country but I Love Family and Self Much Better”: The Emotional World of Civil War Family Men
John Patrick Riley

“You Are of Value Now”: Aeronauts Sought Professional Validation through the Military during the American Civil War
Richard D. Deverell

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