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Civil War History Journal Archive

September 2018, Volume 64, No. 3

Jun 21st, 2018 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Lincoln and His Biographers
by: Allen Carl Guelzo

Our Yankee:  The Uncertain Fate of Northern Teachers in the Seceded South
by: Michael T. Bernath

June 2018, Volume 64, No. 2

Mar 14th, 2018 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

The Civil War and Reconstruction in Indian Territory:  Historiography and Prospects for New Directions in Research
by: Bradley R. Clampitt

In the Midst of Fire and Blood:  Union Soldiers, Unionist Women, Military Policy, and Intimate Space in the American Civil War
by: Laura Mammina

Robert Penn Warren, Wendell Berry, and the Dark Side of Civil War History
by:  Mitchell G. Klingenberg

March 2018, Volume 64, No. 1

Nov 30th, 2017 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

McClellan’s Epidemic:  Disease and Discord at Harrison’s Landing, July-August 1862
by: Zachery A. Fry

More Than Paper and Ink:  Confederate Medical Literature and the Making of the Confederate Army Medical Corps
by: Lindsay Rae Privette

December 2017, Volume 63, No. 4

Sep 15th, 2017 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Escaping the Mechanism: Soldier Fraternization during the Siege at Petersburg
Lauren K. Thompson

The Early Indicators Project: Using Massive Data and Statistical Analysis to Understand the Life Cycle of Civil War Soldiers
Earl J. Hess

September 2017, Volume 63, No. 3

Jun 21st, 2017 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Paternalism and Imprisonment at Castle Thunder: Reinforcing Gender Norms in the Confederate Capital
by: Angela M. Zombek

Captives of Memory: The Contested Legacy of Race at Andersonville National Historic Site
by: Adam H. Domby

June 2017, Volume 63, No. 2

Feb 28th, 2017 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Tracing the “Sacred Relics”: The Strange Career of Preston Brooks’s Cane
by: Michael E. Woods

The Dress of the Enemy: Clothing and Disease in the Civil War Era
by: Sarah Jones Weicksel

Vacationing with the Civil War: Maine’s Regimental Summer Cottages
by: C. Ian Stevenson

March 2017, Volume 63, No. 1

Dec 6th, 2016 | Filed as: CWH Archive

Wilderness, Weather, and Waging War in the Mine Run Campaign
by: Adam H. Petty

“Whenever the Yankees were Gone, I was a Confederate”: Loyalty and Dissent in Civil War-Era Rapides Parish, Louisiana
by: David T. Ballantyne

December 2016, Volume 62, No. 4

Sep 13th, 2016 | Filed as: CWH Archive

Places of Exchange: An Analysis of Human and Materiél Flows in Civil War Alexandria, Virginia
by: William G. Thomas, III, Kaci Nash, and Robert Shepard

Citizens of the County of Their Domicile: Conscription and Confederate Citizenship
by: David Carlson

September 2016, Volume 62, No. 3

May 20th, 2016 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Did the Tug Have to Come? A Critique of the New Revisionism of the Secession Winter
James L. Huston

Public Necessity or Military Convenience? Reevaluating Lincoln’s Suspensions of the Write of Habeas Corpus during the Civil War
Robert O. Faith

A Civil War Hermaphrodite
Jonathan W. White

June 2016, Volume 62, No. 2

Mar 1st, 2016 | Filed as: CWH Archive, Uncategorized

The Future of Civil War History
by: James J. Broomall, Peter S. Carmichael, and Jill Ogline Titus

Interpreting Race, Slavery, and United States Colored Troops at Civil War Battlefields
by: Emmanuel Dabney, Beth Parnicza, and Kevin M. Levin

From Women’s History to Gender History: Revamping Interpretive Programming at Richmond National Battlefield Park
by: Ashley Whitehead Luskey and Robert M. Dunkerly

Relevance, Resonance, and Historiography: Interpreting the Lives and Experiences of Civil War Soldiers
by: Peter S. Carmichael

“The Broader and Purer Purpose”: Lessons from the Shenandoah Valley’s Monument and Battlefield Landscapes on Introducing Elements of Civil War Memory to General Audiences
by: Jonathan A. Noyalas

The Civil War Battlefield Staff Ride in the Twenty-first Century
by: Christian B. Keller and Ethan S. Rafuse

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