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Civil War History Journal

March 2022, Volume 68, No. 1

Mar 7th, 2022 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Thavolia Glymph Roundtable
Moderated by Tamika Nunley, with participants Catherine Clinton, Crystal Feimster, Marisa Fuentes, Gary Gallagher, and Steven Hahn

Inventing White Supremacy: Race, Print Culture, and the Civil War Draft Riots
By Jonathan Daniel Wells

A Stumping Sucker: Reception of Abraham Lincoln in Massachusetts, September 11–13, 1848
By David Demaree

December 2021, Volume 67, No. 4

Sep 14th, 2021 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

“I Love Country but I Love Family and Self Much Better”: The Emotional World of Civil War Family Men
John Patrick Riley

“You Are of Value Now”: Aeronauts Sought Professional Validation through the Military during the American Civil War
Richard D. Deverell

September 2021, Volume 67, No. 3

Jun 14th, 2021 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Egyptian Darkness: Antebellum Reconstruction, “Republicanization,” and Southern Illinois in the Republican Imagination, 1854–61
By Eric Michael Burke

Contending with the Elements: The Role of Weather in the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
By Cameron M. Boutin

June 2021, Volume 67, No. 2

Mar 2nd, 2021 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Elusive Victory:  The Union Navy’s War along the Western Waters
by Robert Gudmestad

Cannibals, Gorillas, and the Struggle over Radical Reconstruction
by Daniel P. Kilbride

March 2021, Volume 67, No. 1

Nov 10th, 2020 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Charleston, City of Mourners: Anticipations of Civil War in the Cradle of Secession
by Michael E. Woods

Local Knowledge: Black Texans, the Freedmen’s Bureau, and Military Occupation in Reconstruction Texas
by Edward Valentin Jr.

Call for editor, Civil War History Journal

Sep 10th, 2020 | Filed as: CWH Journal

The Kent State University Press invites letters of interest for the editorship of Civil War History, a quarterly journal committed to the best scholarship on “the middle period”—covering the entire scope of the American Civil War era, from the genesis of the sectional crisis through Reconstruction and beyond, highlighting the ramifications of warfare on society. […]

December 2020, Volume 66, No. 4

Sep 8th, 2020 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Mississippi “Milish”:  Militiamen in the Civil War
by Tracy L. Barnett

Locating Patriotism in Civil War Songs
by James A. Davis

September 2020, Volume 66, No. 3

May 14th, 2020 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

The Emergence of Conservatism as a Political Concept in the United States before the Civil War
by Adam I.P. Smith

In an Evil Hour This Pandora’s Box of Slavery was Again Opened”: Emotional Partisan Divisions in the Late Antebellum Conservative North
by Matthew Mason

Stephen Douglas’s Enlightenment: Democracy, Race, and Rights in Civil War-Era Political Thought 
by Joshua A. Lynn

The Wisest Counsel of Conservatism”: Northern Democrats and the Politics of the Center, 1865-1868 
by Erik B. Alexander

2020 Hubbell Prize awarded to William McGovern

Mar 18th, 2020 | Filed as: CWH Journal, Hubbell Prize, News

Zachery A. Fry has won the John T. Hubbell Prize for the best article published in Civil War History during 2018.  His study, “McClellan’s Epidemic:  Disease and Discord at Harrison’s Landing, July-August 1862,” appeared in the March 2018 issue of Civil War History.  The prize recipient was selected by the journal’s editorial advisory board.  The prize earns the recipient a $1,000 award from The Kent State University Press.

June 2020, Volume 66, No. 2

Mar 17th, 2020 | Filed as: CWH Archive, CWH Journal

Civil War Soldiers and Dreams of War
By Dillon J. Carroll

A Region Which Will at the Same Time Delight and Disgust You”: Landscape Transformation and Changing Environmental Relationships in Civil War Washington, DC
By Nathan A. Marzoli

State of the Field Series

Roundtable: “Studying the Civil War from Abroad: Historiography’s Global and National Contexts”

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