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History in Bones

Poetry, Wick Chapbook

Invoking the sacred and the profane, Juliana Gray Vice speaks to the reader with a powerful voice. From spotting geese at a Krispy Kreme to an imagined meeting of Tituba and John Dee, the poetry of History in Bones catechizes the reader with the mundane and the extraordinary.

“Juliana Vice writes with precision and grace, along with a deep rich humor–as well she might, considering the chaos and violence of the world she writes about. She probes the failures of the fallen world, and the history into which it has fallen, with wisdom and rage, intelligence and sorrow. And she also treats her own wisdom, rage, intelligence, and sorrow with an ironic grain of salt. She is already a writer to contend with.” – Andrew Hudgins “[A] remarkable first collection.” – Wyatt Prunty “Juliana Gray Vice’s poems take the measure of what is past and passing. They seem alert as well to what may be to come.” – Rachel Hadas

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