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Civil War in the South

Book proposals and CVs should be sent to:
Brian Craig Miller
Department of Social Sciences
Emporia State University
1200 Commercial Street
Emporia, KS 66801
Brian Craig Miller, Editor
Civil War in the South will offer readers the latest in cutting-edge scholarship as it pertains to the southern experience during the American Civil War era. While the series will focus exclusively on the South in its totality (upper, lower and border South), books published will offer a wide range of historical topics, including politics, military campaigns, the experience of the common soldier, the hardships on the home front, and the dynamics of race, gender, and class within southern society. The series will address the latest trends in Civil War historiography, including medicine, environmental history, cultural studies, guerrilla conflict, and the dynamics of memory in the aftermath of the Civil War. Political, social, and cultural explorations of Reconstruction in the South are also welcome. At the same time, Civil War in the South will offer edited collections of diaries and letters from soldiers, politicians, and civilians who endured the most traumatic chapter in American history. The series will also include biographies of prominent military, political, and civilian figures and reprints of classic works that have significantly shaped how we think about the South during the Civil War era.

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