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Wick First Book

David Hassler, Editor
Maggie Anderson, Founding Editor
The Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize is offered annually to a poet who has not previously published a full-length collection of poems. It is made possible through the Wick Poetry Center, which is directed by David Hassler.

Intended Place

| Filed under: Poetry, Wick First Book
Willey Book Cover

“Many of the poems in Rosemary Willey’s Intended Place are flawless meditations on possibility and denial. The voice in these poems is straightforward, and there isn’t an emotional placebo behind the terse syntax and the believable imagery… From the very first few pages, we realize…

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The Apprentice of Fever

| Filed under: Poetry, Wick First Book
Tayson Book Cover

Winner of the 1997 Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize

“The Apprentice of Fever is a brilliantly corporeal first book…rooted in the day-to-day life of a man implicated in the AIDS epidemic, living on the edge, crossing, transforming and transgressing boundaries, always, always paying an extreme…

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Visible Heavens

| Filed under: Poetry, Wick First Book
Solfrian Book Cover

“There are poems which carry us clean away, transporting us into worlds as specific as the pink purse the author of Visible Heavens helps a little boy buy for his teacher, Miss Stone. Melancholy and loss, the missing of a gone mother, passion and solitude—stirringly…

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Trying to Speak

| Filed under: Poetry, Wick First Book
Rubin Book Cover

“The voice [in Anele Rubin’s poems] is so new, and yet the movement is so artful, subtle, and modest—there are never any theatrics in these poems. They never yowl, Pay attention to me! . . . Rubin is on the same wave-length with Tomas Tranströmer…

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Already the World

| Filed under: Poetry, Wick First Book
Redel Book Cover

“I like Victoria Redel’s poems because of their braveness and their lucidity….There is no flight here to incoherence; the poems speak plainly and, in some cases, beautifully. The music is lovely and the tone, distinctive….” —Gerald Stern


Rooms and Fields

| Filed under: Poetry, Wick First Book
Rooms Book Cover

Rooms and Fields is history not simply documented and explored but also deeply felt. A poetic inquiry, its concerns are uniquely and fundamentally intimate. Compassion drives this collection of spare and gracious poems.


Back Through Interruption

| Filed under: Poetry, Wick First Book
Northrop Book Cover

Kate Northrop’s Back Through Interruption is a deeply moving and thought-provoking collection of poetry. It takes the reader through a world that is at once beautiful and tragic, sacrosanct and profane.


Wick Poetry Center also sponsors scholarship awards, a reading series, and an annual Chapbook competition for Ohio poets. For guidelines, write to David Hassler, Director, Wick Poetry Center, Department of English, Kent State University, P.O. Box 5190, Kent OH 44242-0001.

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