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Ohio’s Canal Era-DVD

Regional Interest


Part I: Historical Background, 29 mins.
Part II: The Ohio & Erie Canal, Then and Now, 34 mins.
Part III: The Miami & Erie Canal and the Milan Canal, 26 mins.

This three-part series won awards from the International Film & TV Festival of New York, the Ohio Association of Historical Societies and Museums, and the American Association of Historical Societies and Museums. A 16-page Teacher/Discussion Guide is included. This series, produced in cooperation with the Canal Society of America, brings to life an almost forgotten period in Ohio’s early history, visiting restored sections of the vital nineteenth-century inland transportation system. Kent State University Press’s award-winning book A Photo Album of Ohio’s Canal Era, 1825–1913, by Jack Gieck, can be purchased along with this DVD.


Jack Gieck was an engineer and past-president of the Canal Society of Ohio and founder of Cinemark, Inc., a producer of technical and historical films including the award-winning video series Ohio’s Canal Era. He is also the author of Early Akron’s Industrial Valley: A History of the Cascade Locks (Kent State University Press, 2007).