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Sacred Meaning in the Christian Art of the Middle Ages

Art, Sacred Landmarks


A Sacred Landmarks monograph

With absorbing prose and detailed images, Stephen Fliegel unlocks the secrets of these sacred objects and portrays medieval Christian believers as souls kindred to us—humans striving in their own time to discern and preserve religious meaning and decorum. Fliegel provides a rich, understanding of the allegorical images that helped the church to communicate to the faithful through visual narrative and also provides a rich, textured understanding of sacred art and architecture.

Distributed for Cleveland State University, Center for Sacred Landmarks


Stephen N. Fliegel is curator of medieval art at the Cleveland Museum of Art. He received his degrees in art history from the University of Sheffield, England. He also holds an adjunct professorship in art history at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. He is also the author of Resplendent Faith: Liturgical Treasuries of the Middle Ages.