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Cleveland’s Jewish Voices

Regional Interest, Voices of Diversity


from documents selected by Judah Rubinstein

DescriptionA literary collection that gives voice to a significant Northeast Ohio immigrant community

Since the early nineteenth century, Cleveland and the surrounding region have benefited from the emigration of European Jewry. A unique anthology of essays, short stories, and poems, Remembering: Cleveland’s  Jewish Voices gathers for the first time rare and previously inaccessible writings about the Jewish experience in Northeast Ohio.

Dating from the late 1800s to the 1980s, this collection is organized along five major themes—arts and culture, civic life, work and business, continuity, and philanthropy and service. The editors present a variety of voices that discuss the Jewish cultural gardens, Yiddish theater, socialism in the working class, the cigar industry and Jewish farming, the Alsbacher Document, philanthropic efforts by the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, and many other topics.

Including two pieces by editor Judah Rubinstein, Remembering presents a narrative approach to regional history and will appeal to students of cultural history, urban studies, and Ohio history, as well as to members of the Jewish community.

Published in Cooperation with the Jewish Federation of Cleveland and The Western Reserve Historical Society.

EditorsSally H. Wertheim is dean emerita and professor emerita of education at John Carroll University.

The late Alan Bennett was executive vice president emeritus of the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland and a founder of the National Association of Temple Educators. He is the author of The Vision and the Will: A History of the National Association of Temple Educators, 1954–2004.

Judah Rubinstein (1921–2003) helped develop and maintain the Cleveland Jewish Archives at the Western Reserve Historical Society. He began his career documenting local Jewish history at the Jewish Theological Seminary’s American Jewish History Center and was the first research director of the Jewish Community Federation. He is the coauthor of Merging Traditions: Jewish Life in Cleveland (The Kent State University Press, 2004).