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Citizens and Communities

Civil War History Readers, Volume 4

American History, Civil War Era, Civil War History Readers, Understanding Civil War History

Description Trailblazing essays on the home front from Civil War History

For more than sixty years the journal Civil War History has presented the best original scholarship in the study of America’s greatest struggle. Civil War History Readers reintroduce the most influential articles published in the journal. From military command, strategy and tactics, to political leadership, race, abolitionism, the draft, and women’s issues, as well as the war’s causes, its aftermath, and Reconstruction, Civil War History has published fresh and provocative analyses of the determining aspects of America’s “middle period.”

In this fourth volume of the series, editor J. Matthew Gallman includes sixteen pioneering essays by Daniel E. Sutherland , Gary Gallagher, James Marten, Alice Fahs, and other scholars that examine the Civil War home front. Topics include voluntarism; science and medicine; communities at war; recruitment and conscription; welfare, dissent, and nationalism; and literature and society. Gallman’s introduction assesses the significance of each article in providing a clearer understanding of the era.

J. Matthew Gallman, Introduction
William Y. Thompson, Sanitary Fairs of the Civil War
Robert H. Bremner, The Impact of the Civil War on Philanthropy and Social Welfare
Wendy F. Hamand, The Woman’s National Loyal League: Feminist Abolitionists and the Civil War
Melinda Lawson, “A Profound National Devotion”: The Civil War Union Leagues and the Construction of a New National Patriotism
Jo Ann Carrigan, Yankees versus Yellow Jack in New Orleans, 1862–1866
John S. Haller, Civil War Anthropometry: The Making of a Racial Ideology
Emily J. Harris, Sons and Soldiers: Deerfield, Massachusetts and the Civil War
Daniel E. Sutherland, Introduction to War: The Civilians of Culpeper County, Virginia
Eugene C. Murdock, Was It a Poor Man’s Fight?
Martin Crawford, Confederate Volunteering and Enlistment in Ashe County, North Carolina, 1861–1862
Tyler Anbinder, Which Poor Man’s Fight? Immigrants and the Federal Conscription of 1863
Paul D. Escott, “The Cry of the Sufferers”: The Problem of Welfare in the Confederacy
Marc W. Kruman, Dissent in the Confederacy: The North Carolina Experience
Gary W. Gallagher, Disaffection, Persistence, and Nation: Some Directions in Recent Scholarship on the Confederacy
James Marten, For the Good, the True, and the Beautiful: Northern Children’s Magazines and the Civil War
Alice Fahs, The Sentimental Soldier in Popular Civil War Literature, 1861–65

AuthorJ. Matthew Gallman has been writing about the Civil War for more than twenty years. His books include Mastering Wartime: A Social History of Philadelphia during the Civil War, The North Fights the Civil War, and Northerners at War: Reflections on the Civil War Home Front (The Kent State University Press, 2010). Gallman is professor of history at the University of Florida.