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Ohio’s Craft Beers

Discovering the Variety, Enjoying the Quality, Relishing the Experience

Black Squirrel Books, Regional Interest

Foreword by Lenny Kolada

DescriptionA guide to Ohio’s prime destinations for fans of great craft beer

Ohio’s Craft Beers celebrates the variety of craft brewing in Ohio, offers appreciations of its quality, and reports on the renaissance of the brewer’s art throughout the Buckeye State. Beautifully illustrated with color photographs, the book takes readers on a tour of more than 40 of Ohio’s larger and more influential breweries and provides detailed descriptions of most of the others.

Author and photographer Paul L. Gaston visited all of the featured breweries, talked to the owners and brewers, and tasted their beers, while photographing the pubs, brews, and customers. A generous “sampler” of the state’s prime destinations for fans of good beer, Ohio’s Craft Beers offers fascinating perspectives on brewing, regional history, and the distinctive cultures of a rapidly growing but highly principled industry.

With Ohio’s Craft Beers as your guide, you can sip an amber ale on the front porch of Mt. Carmel in suburban Cincinnati, make your way to the industrial chic of Warped Wing in Dayton, enjoy the historic ambience of Portsmouth, and still find exceptional beers in the more utilitarian settings of MadTree in Cincinnati, Actual in Columbus, or Hoppin’ Frog in Akron. And in Willoughby you can return to the days of interurban travel while enjoying a full menu and creative brews at Willoughby Brewing Co.

Above all, beer is about community. Brewers enjoy their craft, and craft beer drinkers enjoy meeting other craft beer drinkers. Put a copy of this book under your arm, make an excursion, walk in with a thirst, and toast your new friends with Ohio’s Craft Beers.

AuthorPaul L. Gaston, Trustees Professor at Kent State University, pursues a broad commitment to interdisciplinary teaching and research in popular culture, higher education reform, public policy, and the humanities. He is the author of six books and more than 40 scholarly articles on topics as varied as early rock ’n’ roll, the Italian novel, computer-dominated futures trading, the future of the book, interart analogies, the poetry of George Herbert, the fiction of Walker Percy, and minor league baseball. He earned both his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia, where he was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow. This is his first book on beer . . . but not his last.