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About: Donald Hassler

Donald M. Hassler is Professor of English at Kent State University. He was educated at Williams College and Columbia University where he wrote his dissertation on the poems of Erasmus Darwin. He was a member of the Ohio Poets Association and has published many poems in their anthologies. Two books came out of his dissertation work on Erasmus Darwin, and he published many essays on 18th-century British literature. His first book on modern science fiction is titled Comic Tones in Science Fiction (1982). He received the Eaton Award for the best critical book on science fiction published in 1991 for his book on Isaac Asimov from that year. As co-editor with Clyde Wilcox, he has published two collections of essays on politics and science fiction, one in 1997 and the second in 2008. Working with his wife Sue Strong Hassler, he did archival work and published a selection of letters by the Welsh fantasist Arthur Machen. For nearly two decades concluding in 2007, Hassler was the prime editor of the journal Extrapolation, devoted to academic work on science fiction and fantasy.

Books by Donald Hassler:

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