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Ohio Politics

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Lamis Book Cover

When first published in 1994, Ohio Politics was defined as the first comprehensive survey of the state’s post–World War II politics. A collaborative effort by a team of journalists and political scientists, this collection examines the major political events in Ohio since 1944 and provides insight into the state’s key personalities, institutions, and processes. This revised and updated edition continues the survey from 1994 through the Taft years and the 2006 gubernatorial elections.


The Confessions of a Reformer

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Howe Book Cover

Howe’s autobiographical record was originally published in 1925. Out of print for some time, this book is now available in a paperback reprint, offering a new introduction by James F. Richardson, professor of history and urban studies at the University of Akron. Richardson’s helpful analysis covers Howe’s distinguished career in public life and evaluates his contributions to early twentieth-century America.


Democratic Peace in Theory and Practice

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Hook Book Cover

Historical patterns suggest that democratic governments, which often fight wars against authoritarian regimes, maintain peaceful relationships with other governments that uphold political freedoms and empower their civil societies—a concept known as “democratic peace.” Democratic Peace in Theory and Practice is a timely collection of essays by leading scholars that examines how democracies maintain relationships and how democracies are spread throughout the world.


The Boundaries of Freedom of Expression and Order in American Democracy

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Boundaries Book Cover

After decades of controversy surrounding the May 4 commemoration, the University moved in a new direction, choosing to use the 30th anniversary as an opportunity to recognize the past and embrace the future. A major component of this was the establishment of an annual scholarly symposium to focus on the great issues of American democracy. The Boundaries of Freedom of Expression and Order in American Democracy is the product of the first symposium, which explored the limits of freedom of expression in American society as they apply to business, education, media, law, politics, the Internet, and other venues.


Media, Profit, and Politics

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Harper Book Cover

A compilation of essays and related commentary delivered at the second annual Kent State University Symposium on Democracy, Media, Profit, and Politics recognizes and considers the fundamental differences that arise when the competitive forces of commerce clash with the demand for the open availability of information in a democratic society.


Burning the Flag

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Burning Book Cover

“In 1989, the Supreme Court ruled that dissidents had a constitutional right under the First Amendment to burn the flag. During the Bush Administration, Congress passed the Flag Protection Act (FPA), and so doing reflected the broad spectrum of opinion that saw the flag as a sacred symbol of American freedoms. Robert Justin Goldstein’s Burning the Flag thoughtfully draws on the disciplines of law, political science and history to analyse the controversy in all its dimensions.” — London Review of Books


Liberalism and American Identity

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Garry Book Cover

In Liberalism and American Identity, Patrick Garry presents a coherent and well-argued thesis of the meaning and importance of liberalism in American politics. His is the first work that attempts to rejuvenate political liberalism since the devastating attack on it during the 1980s. Presenting a workable definition of liberalism, Garry demonstrates the vital role it has played, and can continue to play, in American history. His examination of the liberal ideology and tradition in American politics reveals not only the nation’s liberal identity, but also the conservative tendency to label liberalism “un-American” as a means to circumvent discussion of social problems.


Congress from the Inside

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Congress Book Cover

Congress from the Inside has received high praise from the academic and political worlds for its intimate look at Washington politics. Ideal for both classroom and armchair reading, Brown’s book depicts the inner workings and deal-makings of Congress. He walks the reader through the crafting of legislation and tours the offices and meeting rooms where so much of the work of the legislature is done, introducing us to the names and faces of power. With incisive candor, Brown exposes the strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, diversity and elitism of the U. S. Congress.


Not All Politics Is Local

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Angel Book Cover

More than just portraying the internal dynamics of a political party, Not All Politics Is Local affords the reader an insight into political life and the contributions to society made by local parties. For Angel, political parties do more than register voters and win elections: they engage the public in dialogue and challenge citizens to take responsibility for their government.


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