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New York Times recommends Bigamy & Bloodshed for your “escapist” reading enjoyment

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Bigamy & Bloodshed is one of 7 true-crime books newly recommended by NYT critic Marilyn Stasio for your “escapist” reading enjoyment!
“What’s worse, murder or immorality? To American sensibilities in the 1880s, immorality was apparently the greater evil. Or so it seems from Larry E. Wood’s entertaining Bigamy & Bloodshed: The Scandal of Emma Molloy and the [...]


The Adroit Journal reviews The Many Names for Mother

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“Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach’s prize-winning poetry collection, The Many Names for Mother (Kent State University Press), begins and ends in the clouds but lives very much in this world.”
So says The Adroit Journal in this insightful online review.
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Kirkus Reviews The Insanity Defense and the Mad Murderess of Shaker Heights

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Kirkus Reviews The Insanity Defense and the Mad Murderess of Shaker Heights Examining the Trial of Mariann Colby by William L. Tabac
“Did Colby get away with murder? You be the judge. Recommended.”
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“Our Little Monitor” is a “big deal” according to Hampton Roads Naval Museum

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The Hampton Roads Naval Museum reviews “Our Little Monitor“: The Greatest Invention of the Civil War by Anna Gibson Holloway and Jonathan W. White.
“This book will undoubtedly set a standard for Monitor research in the future and should be included in any serious historiography. It ought to be considered a “must” for any serious student of the [...]


Learning to Heal reviewed in Nursing Stories

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“The stories and poems in this anthology are varied, educational, entertaining, and poignant. Whether the reader is a nurse or not, all will learn that nursing has come a long way as Learning to Heal stories excellently show…”
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Find out more about Learning to Heal: Reflections on Nursing School in Poetry and Prose.


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