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American Abolitionism and Antislavery

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Dr. John David Smith
Department of History
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
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John David Smith, Editor
American Abolitionism and Antislavery is a series that presents the best scholarship on antislavery activism and abolitionism in the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century United States. The series includes books by promising young scholars as well as by established leaders in the field. Volumes appropriate for the series include biographies, monographs, anthologies, and new editions of classic works on the antislavery and abolitionist crusades.

African Canadians in Union Blue

| Filed under: American Abolitionism and Antislavery, Civil War Era, Military History
Reid Cover

When Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, he also authorized the U.S. Army to recruit black soldiers for the war effort. Nearly 200,000 men answered the call, and several thousand of them came from Canada. What compelled these men to leave the relative…

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One Nation Divided by Slavery

| Filed under: American Abolitionism and Antislavery, American History
Conlin cover

In the two decades before the Civil War, free Americans engaged in “history wars” every bit as ferocious as those waged today over the proposed National History Standards or the commemoration at the Smithsonian Institution of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. In One Nation Divided…

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To Plead Our Own Cause

| Filed under: American Abolitionism and Antislavery, Civil War Era, History

The antislavery movement entered an important new phase when William Lloyd Garrison began publishing the Liberator in 1831—a phase marked by massive petition campaigns, the extraordinary mobilization of female activists, and the creation of organizations such as the American Anti-Slavery Society. While the period from…

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Denmark Vesey’s Revolt

and | Filed under: American Abolitionism and Antislavery, History
Lofton cover

In 1822, Denmark Vesey was found guilty of plotting an insurrection—what would have been the biggest slave uprising in U.S. history. In Denmark Vesey’s Revolt, John Lofton draws upon primary sources to examine the trial and provide, as Peter Hoffer says in his new introduction,…

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A Self-Evident Lie

| Filed under: American Abolitionism and Antislavery, History

A Self-Evident Lie explores and underscores the fear and complex meaning of “slavery” to northerners before the Civil War. Many northerners asked: If slavery was the beneficent and paternalistic institution that southerners claimed, could it not be applied with equal morality to whites as well…

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The Imperfect Revolution

| Filed under: American Abolitionism and Antislavery, History
Barker Book Cover

Author Gordon Barker challenges the traditionally held notion that the rendition of Anthony Burns fueled an antislavery groundswell in the North. He exposes the diverse beliefs—many of which were less than noble—held by Bostonians struggling to make sense of the racial, class, and ethnic conflicts…

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