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Smoke Signals News interviews The Other Veterans of World War II author Rona Simmons.

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“In 2016, a chance meeting led her to Jill Lyons, the daughter of Pete Peterson, a veteran who had served with the army’s graves registration unit. Through Peterson’s memoir and letters home and Jill’s childhood stories, Simmons pieced together his story and discovered how little she knew about veterans who had served behind the front [...]


The Other Veterans of World War II

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The Other Veterans of World War II by Rona Simmons. The Kent State University Press

For decades, the dramatic stories of World War II soldiers have been the stuff of memoirs, inter­views, novels, documentaries, and feature films. Yet the men and women who served in less visible roles, never engaging in physical combat, have received scant attention. Convinced that their depiction as pencil pushers, grease monkeys, or cowards was far from the truth, Rona Simmons embarked on a quest to discover the real story from the noncombat veterans themselves.


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