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New book series–Interpreting the Civil War: Texts and Contexts

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The series welcomes studies detailing America’s long Civil War era,
from the rise of antebellum sectional tensions through Reconstruction. 

The series includes titles detailing the long Civil War era from the rise of sectional tensions in the antebellum period through Reconstruction. We welcome books from single authors or from editors of compilations that bring new social, political, [...]


Now Available: Lisa’s Legacy Trilogy by Tom Batiuk

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Three books!
One Attractive Package!
To be published simultaneously with Prelude, The Last Leaf is the sequel after Lisa’s death from breast cancer in Lisa’s Story: The Other Shoe. The Last Leaf recounts how Les and family cope with Lisa’s death and continue their lives. Creator Tom Batiuk brings Lisa back in Les’s imagination, and she helps him work out difficulties and decisions [...]


Author Paul Gaston to Speak on Craft Breweries

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Mark your calendar to join us as author and photographer Paul Gaston presents an entertaining and informative talk on the rapidly growing craft brewing industry. Hear fascinating anecdotes about numerous breweries visited by Gaston, as well as suggestions for prime destinations that feature tasty food and good beer. Sample hand-picked choices of Ohio’s brewed best [...]


Now Available!

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Beautifully illustrated with color photographs, Ohio’s Craft Beers takes readers on a lively tour of more than 40 of Ohio’s larger and more influential breweries and provides detailed descriptions of most of the others.


The perfect gift for Browns fans!

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The Cleveland Browns have played nearly one thousand games over the past eight decades, and The Browns Bible tells the tale of each one.

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The Perfect Gift for the Cook in your Life!

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Discover the recipes that these award-winning chefs use when they entertain at home. Beautifully illustrated.

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