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Pacific Time on Target

and | Filed under: Military History
Donner Cover

As a married man and Stanford graduate student nearing thirty, Christopher Donner would likely have qualified for an exemption from the draft. Like most of his generation, however, he responded promptly to the call to arms after Pearl Harbor. His wartime experiences in the Pacific…

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Pantaloons and Power

| Filed under: Clothing & Costume, History
Fischer Book Cover

In Pantaloons and Power, Gayle V. Fischer depicts how the reformers’ denouncement of conventional dress highlighted the role of clothing in the struggle of power relations between the sexes. Wearing pantaloons was considered a subversive act and was often met with social ostracism. This…

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Paper Cathedrals

| Filed under: Poetry, Wick First Book
Creech Book Cover

Displaying a range of voices and subjects—from dramatic monologues in the voices of Judas Iscariot and John the Baptist to harrowing personal lyrics of family, time, memory, and loss—Creech’s poems examine the difficulties of belief and the transcendent possibilities of common experience, pushing beyond mere…

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The Papers of Robert A. Taft, Volume 1: 1889–1938

| Filed under: History
Wunderlin Book Cover

Taft was the most prominent critic of mid-twentieth-century American liberalism. As a leading Republican senator and contender for the presidency, he played a significant role in the development of party politics, opposing the expanding administrative capacities of the federal government and the enlargement of…

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The Papers of Robert A. Taft, Volume 2: 1939-1944

| Filed under: History
Second Book Cover

Robert A. Taft, prominent political leader and vocal critic of the expanding powers of the federal government and of the enlargement of America’s international commitments, played a significant role in the development of Republican party politics. This second volume of The Papers of Robert A….

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The Papers of Robert A. Taft, Volume 3: 1945-1948

| Filed under: History
Third Book Cover

This third volume in the series documents Robert A. Taft’s experience through World War II and his early postwar years. After winning a tough reelection battle as senator from Ohio in 1944, Taft move steadily upward in the leadership ranks of his party and assumed…

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The Papers of Robert A. Taft, Volume 4: 1949-1953

| Filed under: History
Fourth Book Cover

This fourth and final volume of a selected edition of the papers of Robert A. Taft documents Taft’s post–World War II and congressional experiences until his death in 1953. Regardless of his conservative commitments, Taft saw the need for responsible reform. In the immediate postwar…

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