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Yankee Dutchmen under Fire

| Filed under: Civil War Era, Civil War in the North

Thousands of volumes of Civil War letters are available, but little more than a dozen contain collections written by native Germans fighting in this great American conflict. Yankee Dutchmen under Fire presents a fascinating collection of sixty-one letters written by immigrants who served in the…

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You Can’t Be Mexican

| Filed under: Regional Interest, Voices of Diversity
Mendez Book Cover

Frank Mendez, a child of Mexican immigrants begins his memoir with the story of his father’s harrowing migration from Mexico to Texas in 1920 as he escaped from Zapata’s guerrrillos and continues with his story of growing up in northeast Ohio. He recounts the Mendez…

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You May Already Be a Winner and Other Marginal Considerations

| Filed under: Regional Interest
Snow Book Cover

Fans of Jan Snow’s “Marginal Considerations”—a “weekend Radio” feature heard on nearly 150 radio stations across the country –will delight in this new collection of her humorous pieces. Her essays offer a lighthearted look at everyday events and ordinary people-from “Creeping Cutetrification” to “The…

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You Stink!

and | Filed under: Black Squirrel Books, Sports

There are countless volumes celebrating the best teams in professional baseball. Unfortunately, winning represents only one side of the game. For every champion’s record-setting season, there has been an equally memorable story of defeat. These teams and their shameful contributions to America’s national pastime have…

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