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| Filed under: Poetry, Wick Chapbook
Hassler Book Cover

“These poems are like yen the color and the size of dollars.  They are American poems, they are English, but they almost seem like versions of the Japanese.  The music is lovely and the form is graceful.  They are a delight to read.”—Gerald Stern


Sacred Land

| Filed under: Literature & Literary Criticism
Buechsel Cover

In Sacred Land, author Mark Buechsel shows that Sherwood Anderson, Willa Cather, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, among others, turned to two potential sources for grounding their region’s and nation’s life authentically: nature itself—particularly the super-abundant nature to be found in Midwestern states and the model…

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Sacred Meaning in the Christian Art of the Middle Ages

| Filed under: Art, Sacred Landmarks
Fliegel Book Cover

With absorbing prose and detailed images, Stephen Fliegel unlocks the secrets of these sacred objects and portrays medieval Christian believers as souls kindred to us—humans striving in their own time to discern and preserve religious meaning and decorum. Fliegel provides a rich, understanding of the…

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Safe for Decolonization

| Filed under: Diplomatic Studies, New Studies in U.S. Foreign Relations, U.S. Foreign Relations

In the first decade after World War II, Singapore underwent radical political and socioeconomic changes with the progressive retreat of Great Britain from its Southeast Asian colonial empire. The United States, under the Eisenhower administration, sought to fill the vacuum left by the British retreat…

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| Filed under: Diplomatic Studies
Safirka Book Cover

Peter S. Bridges’s service as an American ambassador to Somalia capped his three decades as a career officer in the American Foreign Service. Safirka, a frank description of his experiences in Somalia and elsewhere, offers pointed assessments of American foreign policy and policymakers. …

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The Sage of Tawawa

| Filed under: Biography
Sage Book Cover

In The Sage of Tawawa, Annetta L. Gomez-Jefferson offers Ransom as a symbol of an era and a larger movement and recalls him to be a man of deep faith and conviction. Educated at Wilberforce University in Ohio (after losing his scholarship from Oberlin…

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A Sailor’s Log

| Filed under: Military History
Reckner Book Cover

Wilson offers a rare uncensored picture of enlisted life, with descriptions of bar girls and waterfront establishments that catered to the needs of American bluejackets, as well as observations on world events during imperialism. Wilson also discusses one of the great yet largely ignored issues…

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