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Sailors’ Journey into War

and | Filed under: Military History
Maher Book Cover

Sailors’ Journey into War is the story of young men taken from the comfort of their families and hometowns and cast into a war of unimaginable proportions. Like other young servicemen, they learned their jobs and went into combat with determination and often great courage. The book opens a window into the daily lives of Navy enlisted men and accurately reflects their attitudes both as raw recruits and as seasoned sailors at the end of the war.


The Salmon P. Chase Papers, Volume 1

| Filed under: History
Niven Book Cover

“As a single volume this work is overwhelmingly impressive. Its meticulous scholarship and its intellectual breadth are stunning. Chase’s importance, his quotability, his human social outlook, his many perceptive comments, and all the editors’ notes make this work a highly desirable volume for 19th-century historians. Of all the publications of presidents’ and politicans’ papers, volume I of the Chase Papers is in a class by itself and is the most useful first volume of any similar collection.”—The North Carolina Historical Review


The Salmon P. Chase Papers, Volume 2

| Filed under: History
Salmon Book Cover

Transcriptions of Chase’s most important letters to the prominent political figures of his day, including Martin and John Van Buren, Gamaliel Bailey, Frederick Douglass, Joshua Giddings, John P. Hale, William H. Seward and Charles Sumner, are among those collected in this first ever published edition of his correspondence. Besides offering valuable insight into Chase’s character, private life, and cultural affairs, this collection contributes to an understanding of mid-19th-century public policy, particularly antislavery reform politics.


The Salmon P. Chase Papers, Volume 3

| Filed under: Biography
Chase Book Cover

The third volume of The Salmon P. Chase Papers documents Chase’s career from early 1868—the beginning of his second terms as the governor of Ohio—through the pivotal election of 1860 and the first two years of his service as secretary of the Treasury in Abraham Lincoln’s wartime cabinet. Now for the first time there is ready access to a crucial record of the nation’s descent into civil war. The National Historical Publications and Records Commission provides financial support for the publication of The Salmon P. Chase Papers.


The Salmon P. Chase Papers, Volume 4

| Filed under: History
Papers Book Cover

This volume covers the last fifteen months of Chase’s tenure as Treasury secretary and concludes with his nomination as Chief Justice of the United States. Of particular interest are letters that document Chase’s increasing alienation from the Lincoln administration and his unsuccessful bid for the presidential nomination of the Republican-Union party in 1864. The National Historical Publications and Records Commission, the NEH, and the Claremont Graduate School provide support for the edition.


The Salmon P. Chase Papers, Volume 5

| Filed under: History
Five Book Cover

Salmon P. Chase is usually remembered for his service as Treasury secretary during the Civil War. Earlier, he had attracted national attention as an antislavery attorney and politician and was twice elected U.S. senator from Ohio and served two terms as governor. For the final volume of this series, John Niven has chosen 215 significant letters that shed light on the last phase of Chase’s life, the eight and one half years that he presided over the United States Supreme Court as chief justice.



| Filed under: Poetry, Wick Chapbook
Tilton Book Cover

“A clear, seemingly effortless voice and a special curiosity animate the world Liz Tilton gives us in Salt. And it is a world, ranging from domestic life—loose change, gardening, the intricacies of love—to manatees and the governor of Texas. Discoveries abound. Salt is smart, subtle, and essential.”—Don Bogen