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Oberlin Architecture, College and Town

| Filed under: Regional Interest
Blodgett Book Cover

This illustrated guide to the architecture of Oberlin, Ohio, mixes the remarkable social history of college and town with architectural commentary about one hundred thirty-two buildings built between 1837 and 1977. The result is a unique record of the ways in which the people of one Midwestern college town organized and housed their lives over the past one hundred fifty years, from the layout of the village square in 1833 to distinguished samples from the work of such twentieth-century architects as Cass Gilbert, Frank Lloyd Wright, Wallace Harrison, Minoru Yamasaki, Hugh Stubbins and Robert Venturi.


Oberlin History

| Filed under: History, Regional Interest
Blogett Cover


“Geoffrey Blodgett was a much-loved professor and a distinguished scholar of American history who dedicated his entire academic career to Oberlin College and its students. This anthology  … of subtle and sophisticated work … illuminates the history of a great college, the intellect of a gifted historian, and the character of an extraordinarily humane and […]


The Ohio

and | Filed under: U.S. History
Jakle and McCollum cover

The first half of the 20th century was a period of great change along the historic Ohio River corridor. It was then that the Ohio became the most heavily engineered river in the world, facilitating its use as an artery of commerce. It was also a period of great change in transportation as different means of travel appeared along the margins of this storied waterway. And it was the era of the picture postcard, in which postcard publishing companies chose views for the public to buy and share with family and friends via the United States Postal Service.


The Ohio & Erie Canal

| Filed under: Regional Interest
Woods cover

The people who lived and worked on and alongside the Ohio & Erie Canal had a vocabulary all their own. Now listed for the first time in one source are the terms they used to describe the boats, crews, and canals. Newspaper and magazine articles about the construction and operation of Ohio’s canal system reveal a terminology filled with conflicting definitions. Engineers, crew members, and citizens each had their own jargons. To clear up the confusion, Terry K. Woods provides a dictionary of primary terms selected from those most frequently used in the official reports of the Ohio Canal Commissioners and the Board of Public Works. He also includes secondary terms taken from his interviews with ex-boatmen in the late 1960s and early 1970s and from his more than 25 years of research on the canals.


Ohio and Its People

| Filed under: Regional Interest
Knepper Book Cover

The Bicentennial Edition of Ohio and Its People is a revised and updated volume of this bestselling work and includes a new final chapter examining Ohio through the end of the twentieth century. Author George W. Knepper presents contemporary information on the national and state political arenas, the economy as it affects Ohio, the economic and environmental revival of Cleveland, and an updated bibliography. Ohio and Its People remains a wonderful classroom text and history of Ohio.


The Ohio Canals

| Filed under: Art, History
Ohio Canals cover

The Ohio canals live again through the eye and hand of artist-historian Frank N. Wilcox. From his years of walking the canal ways and exploring the broken locks to searching old newspapers and musty records, Wilcox built this record. Through his art and writing he tells the story of canal location and construction; guides us through the intricacies of locks and their workings; and restores for today’s readers the texture and flavor of this colorful era.


Ohio Hill Country

| Filed under: Nature, Regional Interest

In Ohio Hill Country, author Carolyn Platt describes how plant and animal life evolved to fill the many niches and microclimates afforded by the area’s weathered sandstones and shales and the ravines cut by area streams. She introduces readers to places such as the Hocking Hills and the Edge of Appalachia in Adams County, which are still home to an exotic and diverse group of flora and fauna.


Ohio Hopewell Community Organization

and | Filed under: Architecture & Urban Renewal
Dancey Book Cover

In the early 1960s, Olaf Prufer argued that the Ohio Hopewell societies who built the mounds that characterize the Middle Woodland Period (200 B.C. to A.D. 400) lived in small, scattered hamlets. Prufer’s thesis was evaluated at the symposium, “Testing the Prufer Model of Ohio Hopewell Settlement Pattern” and at the annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in Pittsburgh, April 10, 1992. Several of those essays and others, including two by Professor Prufer, are included in Ohio Hopewell Community Organization.


Ohio in Historic Postcards

| Filed under: Regional Interest
Grant Book Cover

For a century, Americans have been purchasing picture postcards. Ohio in Historic Postcards presents 208 examples of postcards from early twentieth-century Ohio and places them in their historical context. At the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, the first picture postcards portrayed a range of the fair’s attractions. From that beginning postcards took the nation by storm. The efficiency of the Railway Mail Service together with the sparsity of telephones made the cards a cheap, reliable, and convenient form of communication.


Ohio Indian Trails

| Filed under: Art, History
Indian trails Cover

In this classic and coveted volume, artist Frank N. Wilcox tackles the difficult job of mapping the Indian trails of Ohio. Basing his work on the journals and records of early settlers and soldiers, his knowledge of Native American ways, and his intimacy with the Ohio landscape, he locates and documents the major Indian towns and trails that crisscross the state. His maps, drawings, and watercolors beautifully evoke the lives and cultures of Ohio’s first peoples.


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